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How important is video to online marketing of products and services?

video to online marketing of products and services

How important is video to online marketing of products and services?

If you have a product or a service or just need to reach a broader audience, you probably wonder if video is the way to go. Whether in New York City or a rural community in Nebraska, internet marketing is essential, and you can’t do it alone with a website and a Facebook account! At Lorray Digital Video, a premier Digital Video New York City service provider, we are keenly aware of how important video is to internet marketing, and that’s not just guessing; that’s based on actual research! So here is what the experts have to say about it.

According to Cisco, 82% of global internet traffic in 2022 came from video streaming or downloads. This is up from 70% in 2020 and is expected to reach 87% by 2023. The growth of video traffic is driven by several factors, including the increasing popularity of online video platforms such as YouTube, Netflix, and Hulu; the rise of mobile devices, which are well-suited for watching videos; and the growing availability of high-speed internet connections.

Video content’s popularity is also driven by the fact that it is a more engaging and immersive form of media than text or images. Videos can tell stories, educate viewers, and entertain them in ways other media forms cannot. As a result, video is becoming increasingly important for businesses and organizations that want to reach and engage their target audiences.

Here are some of the reasons why video content is so popular:

* Video is more engaging than text or images. 

Videos can tell stories, educate viewers, and entertain them in ways other media forms cannot.

* Video is more shareable than text or images

. People are more likely to share videos with their friends and family than they are to share text or images.

* Video is more effective at driving sales. 

Studies have shown that videos can increase sales by up to 80%. That is both for those who are selling products or services.

If you are looking to reach and engage your target audience, video content is a powerful tool that you should consider using. While some may try to do video themselves, it pays great dividends to use the services of experts who understand how to craft a video best to meet specific objectives and need. That’s where Lorray Digital Video can be of great service – whether you are here in NYC or across the globe in Australia!

Ray was great to work with, he was very understanding of the challenges we faced to set up the interview we needed to capture. Once there, he led the interview and helped to get great insights on tape. Always was quick to respond to questions, and he delivered the final footage quickly too. Thanks, Ray!

Kevin F.
It has been a pleasure working with Ray on a conference we had in New York. He has been very responsive, punctual, a real professional. I would strongly recommend Lorray Digital Media on behalf of Valoso and we would definitely consider him for any future videography project.

Brandy D.
I needed a corporate video completed within six weeks to meet a deadline and also had to stay within budget. Ray and Dave did a fantastic job and delivered on time. They were extremely professional and were quick to respond to all questions we had during the process. We were really pleased with the outcome and will absolutely hire them again!