What is the biggest trend in video advertising in 2023?

Businesses, companies, artists, and retailers in New York City all know one thing: using video to advertising in 2023 is essential! Video content, style, and use have evolved fast and furiously over the past few years. What might have been useful three years ago could be a detriment to a business in 2023 and beyond.  […]

How can video help a company expand its global reach?

Businesses whose primary area of reach is New York City and the surrounding area may be able to expand their reach both nationally and globally, depending on the type of business model and either the product or services offered. Lorray Digital Video has clients not only in NYC, but nationally and globally as well, and […]

How can event planners maximize advertising through video?

Video Shooting 1

New York City is a hub for major events! Virtually every day major trade shows, conventions, artist performances, and concerts bring thousands of people to New York. And with events comes the need for the video! Whether a major exhibitor at a trade show, or a small play about to premiere off-broadway, one of the […]