The Business Communication Revolution: Video Marketing in New York City

The importance of a solid online presence cannot be understated in today’s fast-paced digital environment. Being a hub for business worldwide, New York City offers plenty of opportunities for firms to use the power of video marketing to expand and succeed in the market. Among all the internet marketing strategies, video marketing in New York […]

Elevate Your Brand with Professional Video Production Services in New York City

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Introduction: In the bustling metropolis of New York City, where innovation and creativity thrive, harnessing the power of professional video production services can make all the difference in promoting your brand. At Lorray Digital Video, we understand the importance of compelling visual content and offer comprehensive services tailored to your needs. From corporate video production […]

What should a small business owner look for in a video production company?

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Small businesses often have small resources for advertising – especially in a huge economy like New York City and the surrounding metro area. However, that doesn’t mean they can’t maximize what they can afford – they just need to pick the right video production company – like Lorray Digital Video! Here are some things a […]

What advantage does a small business have over a large corporation?

What advantage does a small business have over a large corporation?

Many of our clients in New York City and the metro area are small businesses – some need help to compete with their bigger, more influential competitors with the resources, people, and status to greatly overshadow anything the small business owner can do. The good news is that small businesses have advantages that they can […]

What can video do for small businesses in New York City?

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It’s tough being a small business owner in NYC! Everything is more expensive – from taxes to rent to salaries and benefits. Small business owners also face a very competitive market – everyone is vying for that same small slice of the pie! There are ways that small business owners can gain the advantage, and […]

Ethical Standards for Video Producers

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Dealing with clients from a business perspective is just as important as producing a great video for them. In just four years I have been fortunate to establish outstanding relationships with my clients, and I attribute that to three things: hard work, creative results, and ethical behavior. Ethical behavior is that intangible aspect of the […]